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Dr Blom's Course in Australia

Tracheoesophageal Puncture and Prosthesis for Post-Laryngectomy Voice Restoration

Learn the fundamentals of post-laryngectomy voice restoration enabling laryngectomees to speak again. 

Main Medical is dedicated to the training and education of those caring for the Laryngectomy community. We have worked closely with InHealth Technologies® and Dr Eric Blom to be able to bring you the "Dr Blom's course in Australia", which concentrates purely on Tracheoesophageal Speech Following Laryngectomy. 

Each year Main Medical runs TEP workshops throughout Australia. The workshop instructors have been personally trained by Dr Eric Blom, having attended his training program in Indianapolis. All instructors have extensive experience in the area of voice restoration having worked in Head and Neck Surgery/Oncology in major hospitals for a number of years.

Course Description

This 1.5 day clinically-oriented course will focus on all aspects of tracheoesophageal puncture and prosthesis for post-laryngectomy voice restoration.

Course Learning Objectives

1. Pre-operative selection criteria and assessment methods. The learner will describe pre-operative surgical considerations and TE speech assessment methods.

2. Surgical techniques: The learner will describe surgical techniques related to TE puncture.

3. Prosthesis fitting and management: The learner will demonstrate hands-on TE fitting and placement competency – live demonstrations.

4. Approaches to assessing and solving post-operative difficulties: The learner will demonstrate and describe the assessment and management of Post-operative TE complications – subject matter will be thoroughly illustrated.