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Professional Webinar Hands Free Speech

Professional Webinar Hands Free Speech

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Hands Free Speech: Setting Patients Up for Success

Products specific to InHealth Technologies™ will be discussed in this offering 

Successful Hands-Free Speech in tracheosophageal voice prosthesis (TEP) users can often be challenging. How do we best create a closed system given challenging peristomal landmarks? What Hands-Free Speech devices are currently available for patient use? What are the patient's specific goals with Hands-Free Speech, and are these realistic?

In this live 1 hour presentation, we will discuss baseplate troubleshooting with the goal of improving baseplate seal for Hands-Free Speech. We will also discuss the new SpeakFree™ Hands Free HME and how this device expands hands-free access to TEP users in a simple, fully assembled HME cartridge with an adjustable hands free valve. 


Thursday 5th May 2022,

11am AEST (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Tasmania)

9am AWST (Perth)

10:30am ACST (Adelaide, Darwin) 


          Free enrolment


Convenient 1 hour online webinar 

10 minutes - Hands-Free Speech: The basics

20 minutes - Simplifying Hands-Free Speech: The SpeakFree HME

10 minutes - Baseplate Seal Breakdown: Why it happens and what to do about it

10 minutes: A sticky Situation: Case Studies


Attendees will describe the mechanism of Hands-Free Speech. 

Attendees will describe at last 3 components of a systematic stomal assessment. 

Attendees will identify at last 2 solutions to navigate baseplate seal breakdown. 


Morgan Greve, MA, CCC-SLP

Clinical Specialist, InHealth Technologies




This webinar will be hosted via MICROSOFT TEAMS.

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Products related to InHealth Technologies will be discussed 

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