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Julia Maclean Bio

Julia graduated from Sydney University in 1993 and has held the senior surgery/oncology speech pathology position at St George Hospital, Sydney, since 1997 where she is also a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. She completed her Master of Science in Medicine in 1999 and in 2010 obtained her PhD, investigating the prevalence and nature of swallowing disorders following total laryngectomy surgery.

Julia has a particular interest in voice restoration and swallowing following total laryngectomy surgery. Julia was first trained Dr Eric Blom in 1999 and then returned in 2002 where she visited his clinic to gain further theoretical knowledge and practical experience. During this visit she also spent time with Dr Mark Singer, the other co-founder of the Blom-Singer voice restoration system, visiting his clinic in San Francisco.
Julia was integral in establishing the “Dr Blom in Australia” course we can now attend in Australia. Julia’s interest in tracheosophageal voice restoration took her to Pune, India in 2000 to establish a voice restoration service.

Julia has obtained competitive grant funding since 2000 to research communication and swallowing disorders; and has co-authored over 40 journal publications.

She is invited to present nationally and internationally, regarding dysphagia following head and neck cancer and laryngectomy surgery.
Julia is a conjoint Associate Professor in the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of New South Wales and runs the Multidisciplinary Swallow Clinic at St George Hospital.
In 2017-2019 Julia was President of the Australia and New Zealand Head & Neck Cancer Society and The Australian Research Foundation of ANZHNCS and the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia.