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EMST75™ LITE Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainer

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You are just a breath away from enjoying your favourite activities


The NEW EMST75™ Lite was created for patients who want to begin their training at a lower threshold than our EMST150™ provides. It has been shown to be effective in building breath power in musicians, athletes, youth, elderly individuals and people suffering from a range of conditions from snoring to OSA, and from Parkinson's to ALS. 

Product Description

The EMST75™ LITE, and the original EMST150™ are used to increase the strength of the expiratory muscles. The EMST75™ LITE works the same as the EMST150™, with a lower pressure range of 0-75 cm H20.  Both devices are calibrated and measurable, allowing for documentation of patient progress.

The EMST is the most clinically proven handheld expiratory muscle strength trainer available! Designed by a well-respected team of researchers, the one-of-a-kind device has over a decade worth of evidence-based outcomes. Scientists all over the world agree that the simple use of the "Power 5 Training System" results in stronger breathing, cough, swallow and voice strength in both healthy individuals and those diagnosed with conditions such as Parkinson's, COPD, Stroke, MS, ALS, spinal cord injury and OSA. And, is small enough to be carried anywhere, and used anytime. 

NB: Training is the same as the EMST150 ™

Each EMST75 LITE comes with a device, additional comfort fit mouthpiece, nose clip and informational/instructional brochure.

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