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RMST Clinical Workshop 22/05/2024

RMST Clinical Workshop 22/05/2024

  • $110.00

*For Healthcare Professionals Only*

This in-depth clinical workshop will take you from theory to clinical application covering the basic principles and clinical utility of Respiratory Muscle Strength Training (RMST).

Delegates will be offered the opportunity to develop an understanding of the core principles of RMST and its theoretical underpinning(s), report on past and present outcome data and consider current treatment approaches for various patient groups using both inspiratory and expiratory muscle strength training devices. 

Extensive research strongly advocates for the utilisation of RMST (Respiratory Muscle Strength Training) in addressing Dysphagia and Dystussia within a wide spectrum of conditions, including respiratory disorders, brain injury, head and neck cancer, and voice disorders.

This session will be delivered online. 

Registrations close 20th May or when attendance capacity has been reached.


Wednesday 22nd May 2024 3.30-6.30pm AEST

COST (includes EMST150 & IA150 Device):

$110.00 + GST per person (Early bird offer - closes 26th April)

$175.00 +GST per person (closes 20th May)




  • Understand basic mechanics and associated musculature underpinning respiration
  • Understand what Respiratory Muscle Strength Training (RMST) is, types of RMST (Inspiratory & Expiratory Muscles Strength Training) and populations studied to date
  • Increase knowledge of how to identify potential candidates for EMST/IMST
  • Understand and demonstrate how to implement RMST and measure functional outcomes
  • Understand principles to guide training prescription
  • Apply knowledge gained within a case study/series framework 
  • Recognise common patient specific issues and apply trouble-shooting strategies



Dr Nicola Clayton PhD - Clinical Specialist Speech Pathologist

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